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Sales Executive Jobs in Delhi | Hyderabad | Secunderabad

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Sales Executive Jobs Production Architect

Company name Confidential
Delhi, Hyderabad / Secunderabad
3-8 years
310000 – 660000 INR

Nature of work
Senior C ++ Developer / Architect to lead the team in creating world-class, state-of-the-art software applications.

Job requirements:

  • Experience in product architecture is preferred.
  • Must be strongly mathematical and rational and led by senior technocrats in the business.
  • Minimum 8 years experience in C ++ development with Linux OS
  • Low latency should work on creating Linux OS servers and client applications
  • Experience in TCP / UDP socket programming
  • Knowledge and experience in multi-thread processing
    Reading and writing files
  • Jason reading and writing
  • Vectors and maps
  • Memory management
  • Proven experience in high volume multi-thread application with concurrent connection
  • Capability to imagine the design of the commodity and how to make a map
  • Ability to assign various modules to team members.
  • In-depth knowledge of C ++ applications
  • Desire to know and explore the next frontier of computing
  • Excellent logical and mathematical ability
  • Ability to learn and respond to new demands and levels of success
  • Troubleshooting and debugging capabilities
    Job role:
  • Creating Outstanding Linux OS C ++ products for high volume, low latency requirements
  • Solve challenging technical and computer problems
  • Creating programs and libraries for complex algorithms
  • Creating solutions and programs for the needs of the novel
  • Distribute high-quality code and applications for high-quality use
  • Working with a testing team on high efficiency and quality testing.
    Job details
    IT / Computer – Software

Application Programming / Maintenance IT, IT and app development

Sales Executive Jobs Role:

Software engineer / programmer, software developer

Java J2EE Scripts J2EE Scripts Core JavaScripts CSS. C ++ Javak # DTMTL


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