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Jobs in Hyderabad | Sales Executive Job Description

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Jobs in Hyderabad Sales Co-worker

IKEA – Hyderabad, Telangana

Who are you

As an individual you are passionate about people, business, IKEA’s purpose, and consistently driving great performance. You’re passionate about increasing customer value, increasing business growth and contributing to overall success, and inspiring people to lead and develop.

For this role we believe you are business-minded and results-driven by customer focus. Experience working in a customer- and business-focused business. Belief in reaching out and talking to people in a proactive way. Interested in people’s daily lives of home and home furniture and able to work with others on the team. Open / highly flexible to change. Ability to take personal initiative. Excellent attention to detail. Ability to prioritize and organize your own work to make efficient use of available time.

Experience working in the customer-focused service industry. Experience working in a fast-paced environment. Experience of actively selling by understanding customers and their needs.

You have knowledge in the following areas:
The right attitude and behavior to buy customers to actively sell.
Understanding customer behavior.
Sales steering. Sales space management / sales space capacity. Computer literacy.
Active sales are good.
Good at creating satisfied customers
Believe in approaching and talking to people in a polite and friendly way.
Enthusiastic and able to work with others on the team
Ability to organize your own work and use your time efficiently. Ability to work with a high sense of urgency
People are interested in the daily life of the home and home furniture.
Enjoy working in a fast-paced and futuristic environment.
The appetite for knowledge and the desire to hone your skills to take advantage of the IKEA business and grow personally
Your responsibilities

Optimize the IKEA shopping experience in your store to keep satisfied customers safe and increase sales. Maximize sales in your area of responsibility using knowledge of your specific product range.
You contribute to the four functions of the IKEA Store:
To act as a highly efficient and staff sales mechanism
Inspiring home furnishing ideas to showcase the perfect home furnishing solutions
To work as a home furnished specialist
Making a day available for the whole family.

Sales Executive You will:

You actively contact customers you see who need additional help. You identify their needs by asking the right questions and advise them on the best solutions in their home to go beyond their expectations. You know how to use different IKEA sales and communication channels and know for different customers you are visiting.
Make sure you always adhere to IKEA’s basic merchant standards to give customers a positive shopping experience by keeping your area of responsibility clean, tidy, priced and full stocks.
You express passion about IKEA products and actively learn about their features and benefits and you share this knowledge with customers and colleagues.
You understand the store and department action plan. You accept responsibility for your department’s objectives and know how you contribute.
We actively offer all the services available in the IKEA store to help customers make informed choices, which will enhance the shopping experience for them.
You lead and / or support the implementation of the planned business actions of investing in your department in the store.
By steering and actively steering towards the top selling and preferred products (e.g. overstock / overtex) you ensure maximum sales while maintaining profit.
You demonstrate the ability to analyze and adjust sales potential based on system parameters (sales location management) to ensure high stock availability.
Together as a team

To achieve a pleasant, convenient and successful shopping and shopping experience that increases sales and long-term profits. Creating satisfied customers in an efficient and effective way using all available means and sales channels to attract and encourage more customers to visit more often and buy more. This is achieved by optimizing sales priorities using professional activities and getting the right estimates for the entire IKEA offer. Ensuring satisfied customers, developing sales steering and selling through IKEA are the main responsibilities.



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