Friday, July 23, 2021
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Data Science Internship | Data Scientist Intern

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Data Science Internship Description

Amazon Mazon is looking for a data scientist Internship to optimize the world’s most complex logistics system. Educational and / or practical backgrounds in Computer Degree, Engineering, Operations Research, or Process Control are particularly relevant for this position. The experience of integrating model-based engineering tools and/or multi-disciplinary analysis and optimization is also a plus.

Data Science Internship Main Responsibilities:

Data Science Internship | Data Scientist Intern
Data Science Internship | Data Scientist Intern

Experience Use data analytics and statistical techniques to improve customer experience and guide business decision making
Identify the causes of business predictors and business-related problems and apply the novel approach to predictions and predictions.
Identify, develop, manage and implement analytics to explore areas of opportunity and submit written business

Data Science Internship Basic eligibility

Get a master’s degree or equivalent advanced degree from a top notch technology school
Record the distribution of large analytical solutions with business results
/ R / sas / mean and experience of SQL
Excel Excellent Microsoft Office skills with strong working knowledge of Excel
Big problem solving ability and passion for big data
Communication Excellent communication and data presentation skills
Fluent written and spoken English


Collaborate with multiple teams as the leader of Quant quantitative analysis and where you develop solutions that use the highest standards of analytical rigor and data integrity.
Business Analyze and solve their basic business problems

Data Science Internship Preference eligibility

Postgraduate or equivalent advanced degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics or related technical subjects. Preference is given to hands-on experience and project based education in computer science, engineering or mathematics.
Educational experience to handle / convert data, model selection, model training, cross-validation and scale deployment.
Educational or project experience with machines and deep learning toolkits like MXNet, TenserFlow, Cafe and Foot Torch
Educational experience with big data platforms like Apache Spark and Hadup.
Knowledge in Python, R and SQL data analysis.
AI AI / ML is highly desirable, especially familiar with AWS services related to Amazon Mazon EMR, AWS Lambda, Sagemaker, Machine Learning, IoT, Amazon Mazon DynamideB, Amazon Mazon S3, Amazon Mazon EC2 Container Service, Green Grass, etc.


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