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Cognizant Jobs Associate Project

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Technical lead


Bachelor of Science, Engineering or equivalent

Cognizant Jobs Responsibility:

Understanding and Analysis of Requirements:

Understand functional / nonfunctional requirements.
Participate in client calls and create an explanation list to find an explanation.
Make a list of requirements and get review information from key stakeholders.
Update traceability matrix
Create an impact analysis document to understand the impact on existing performance as needed (for simple changes).


Provide feedback for the module to construct a low-level specification dependent on HLD needs and comprehension.Identify a catalogue and distribute the feedback of reused properties.
Share a list of components with senior developers / other relevant stakeholders and find information.


Based on the LLD, identify the components that need to be created.
Set the environment for creating elements.
Re-create the existing code in the environment.
Database connection established.
Organize the coding according to the final technical details document.
Follow the coding standards and best practices to check the quality of the code.
Create code quality documents for code review through various tools (Informatica, Aqua).
Share the developed code for review.
If necessary, work on code based on input shared by the SR developer and the module lead.
Identify the situation of unit test cases based on the design.
Preparation of test units and guided test results.
Merge code into build environment and get notifications from senior developers.
Do a peer review for other team members.
Conduct technical troubleshooting if necessary.

Test Management:

Conduct unit testing based on identified test conditions.
Eliminate simple defects identified during unit testing.
Creates research unit records on the basis of test results and exchange them for review.
Integrate and conduct system integration testing.
Address questions presented by the QA team in the defined timeline.
Analyze and fix defects detected during functional / non-functional testing.
Understand the effects / criticisms and priorities of the fault.
Take the regression test for the QA test.
Report defect status according to project standard procedure in agreed timeline.
Track defect status using test management tool (ALM, QC).
Once fixed, turn off the bugs in the test management tool.
Configuration Management:

Remove the branch of the existing code in the version control tool (VSS, CSV).
Identify configurable objects.
Document elements, data mapping explanations documents, etc. on different configurable items. Control version in


Install info with the deployment team in the shared framework.
Exchange suggestions (if standard)
Create an deployment package under the guidance of senior team members.
Extend the deployment request to the deployment team to deploy the code in an integrated environment.
Review the component deployed in the environment.
Load test data.
Take a smoking test under guidance.
Share instructions with the QA team after the test is completed.
Service support and maintenance:

Specific for production and maintenance support:

Prioritize events based on criticism.
If necessary, root the logged defects to the appropriate stakeholder.
Provide user call attendance and capture information and event details required for logging.
Coordinate with different stakeholders to resolve according to SLA.
Once the defect is removed, perform the appropriate tests.
Track status in test management equipment (QC, Alma etc.)
Create a learning document to detect known errors in the event of recurrence.
Provide input to the module lead to create the transition plan (project steps and milestones).

Knowledge management:

Create specific artwork for tasks assigned by the lead.
Share artificial objects with the supervisor for review.
Upload articles to the Knowledge Management repository.
Find the knowledge base for information to solve the problem.
Apply best practices / learning during code development.
Create reusable assets and their documents.
Create a value-added document (the value added by the team to the client) and share it with the team.

Public Management:

Provide information to create training courses and support artwork on training servers such as demos, presentations.
Conduct teaching or exchange of information (in the case of niche technology).
Must have skills

Employee Status: Full time employee

Shift: Day job

Travel: No.

Job Posting: April 05 2021

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